Second Early Access RELEASE!

Some interesting changes to spice up battle in this update!

You can gamble for in-battle stat boost with the Battle Roulette!

Also, depending on a variable, either you or the enemy can get a PREEMPTIVE ATTACK TURN!

I really, ultimately, Totally, TOTALLY with EXTRA CHEESE on top, got the damage fixed for attacks this time! I PROMISE(see the pinky?)!!

			E A Changelog 2.0

============================================================================== 1. Updates

1a. Added Battle Roulette for bonuses in battle. 1b. Updated Game Opening. 1c. Updated Title Screen. 1d. Added Chance for Pre-Emptive Attacks in battles 1e. Perfected Enemy Leveling for challenging fights.

============================================================================== 2. Bug Fixes

2a. Fixed Party Attack Damage error. 2b. Fixed Skill and Element Damage formula errors. 2c. Tweaked First Making Scene.


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Oct 31, 2020

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