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I think this game is quite original, but suffers a bit in the actual writing with a few errors here or there. The battle system is easy to understand, but I found magic to be too underutilized, often making it easier to just spend a turn doing more damage with the normal attack. I would say although the gameplay is a bit frustrating, it has an exciting intro and presentation.

Thanks for playing and giving you thoughts! I really appreciate it!

Al Cheddah, i like so much your game but i need to inform your game crashes sometimes. I don't know why but crashed when i found the item to get Pierce (i forgot the name), when i found some enemies like eyes (or something like that) the game stops...
I gonna wait for an update.

Thank you so much! I am working to address this. do you have a screenshot  or an error msg? that would help me alot.

Unfortunately not. But was the same problem with Yuri Goddess. About the game stops i forgot to print, sorry =(

i like that game

Thanks! I'll be making upgrades soon!


I like the idea and want to take another look at it when it's fixed up. In the current prototype it seems that you always deal 0 damage to enemies. In addition, dying from a battle crashes the game.

Thanks for that.  When did you download this as I have fixed the issue with the damage. What kind of bug occurred when you died?


Sorry for the late reply. Here's a screenshot of the error screen that popped up


Thanks again. I fixed  the issue and several others in thislast build. ENJOY!


This was a lot more playable this time around. I do still have a few things to report though.

First is that after the battle with Nectar the screen goes black. (You can move around and everything but it just goes black immediately after the battle. no event.) Moving to a different area and entering a battle doesnt bring anything but the menus up however.

I found 3 spots with the potential to get players stuck. The first two I think are due to Snot's backing up when running from a battle. The third seems to only happen if you enter the area with Nectar's Leader right on where the middle arrow is.

(the first area is in Honey Woods. From the area with three nectar slimes, it is down once, then left once)

(Area just below the where you meet Nectar)

Sometimes you can get locked into multiple battles after another if there's enough enemies on screen.
And the last thing I found was from going to the temple. Once I entered the Forest Temple Area, the screen turned black much like with the Nectar battle. 

I do quite like the idea of slimes getting revenge and the art is simple but cute so I'll be looking for any future updates ^^

Thanks for pointing out the problems. It will definitely help for later. Do you have a Twitter/Youtube/IG handle for a credits spot?


love the sound of this one.  Would love to see it completed 

Thanks. Try out the Prototype and let me know how it plays for you.